Who We Are

Speed Soccer is a year round training organization based in Northern New Jersey offering programs from individual technical training to club development. All of the Speed Soccer programs involve the application of the newly developed Speed Soccer System into every aspect of our training curricula for the benefit of all players in our development pathway.

Established in 2007, Speed Soccer quickly grew from a summer camp organization to a year round program. Speed Soccer prides itself on hiring Educators as the backbone of the coaching staff to give a well-rounded experience for all players regardless of ability levels.

Fall 2014 saw Speed Soccer affiliate itself with soccer clothing company Itus Soccer.


Speed Soccer training is based around game specific situations; children learn to play soccer by playing soccer and this is emphasized in the Speed Soccer System. We believe our youth players do not play enough ‘street soccer’ and therefore rely on adult involvement, so our coaching must be efficient and effective.

As our youth players develop technically and tactically at an accelerated rate, our coaches are also encouraged to positively influence aspects of development often overlooked by today’s coaches such as: sportsmanship, responsibility, and healthy living.

Children are naturally competitive and this should not be discouraged; Win! But win the right way, maintaining dignity and integrity.

Creating an enjoyable environment is of utmost importance for Speed Soccer coaches. Children play because they want to and, as soccer competes with many other leisure activities, we must encourage them to keep playing.